Thurs 19 Jan 2017

Harold Lloyd: Hot Water (1924)*

Watershed | 9.30am | Tickets: £8.00/£6.00
dir: Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor | US | 77mins

A rare chance to see this underrated Lloyd gem on the big screen. Made just prior to Lloyd’s classic THE FRESHMAN (1925),  HOT WATER is an episodic look at married life and in-law problems. Adventures include a ride on a crowded trolley with a live turkey; a wild spin in a new auto with the in-laws in tow; and a hilarious sequence in which Harold accidently chloroforms his mother-in-law and is convinced that he has killed her. When she begins sleep-walking, he thinks that she has returned to haunt him. A wonderful companion to Friday night’s Silent Comedy Gala.

Introduced by Oscar winning director and film historian Kevin Brownlow.
With live piano accompaniment by Daan van den Hurk.

*This event replaces the originally planned screening of Eddie Cantor’s Kid Boots (1924) due to print access issues.

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Thurs 19 Jan 2017

Pierre Étaix: The Suitor/Le Soupirant (1962)

Watershed | 11.40am | Tickets: £8.00/£6.00

dir. Pierre Etaix | France | 83mins

One of the best films from one of the greatest French filmmakers, Pierre Étaix’s (1928-2016) The Suitor is a remarkable homage to the great American silent comics, with Étaix himself in the lead role of an innocent young man still in the bosom of his family as they urge him to get out and find himself a wife.

Pierre plays  a shy man whose seemingly sole focus in life is studying astrology in solitude – a pastime he often finds trying since he still lives at and studies in his parents’ house. They would rather he started dating and got married. Eager to please but not knowing how to approach women in a romantic way, he embarks on the task with a keen enthusiasm – and also a hilarious lack of skill. Hugely entertaining and remarkably inventive, The Suitor will lift your imagination and spirit. Don’t miss this rare chance to see a Pierre Étaix classic on the big screen.

Introduced by David Robinson, Director Emeritus of Giornate Cinema Muto.

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Thurs 19th Jan 2017

Colleen Moore: Why Be Good? (1929)

Watershed | 2.00pm | Tickets: £8.00/£6.00
dir. William A. Seiter  | US | 84mins

This late silent film with synchronised score features the sparkling Colleen Moore as a flapper shopgirl who discovers the cute guy she dated the night before is heir to the store where she works. Now the challenge is to prove that a good-time girl can be a ‘good’ girl too.  The comic gift that made Colleen one of the top stars of the end of silents still shines.

Introduced by stand-up comedian and writer Lucy Porter.

With thanks to Lobster Films.

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Thurs 19 Jan 2017

Thomas Graal’s Best Film/ Thomas Graals Bästa Film (1918)

Watershed | 4.15pm | Tickets: £8.00/£6.00
dir. Maurice Stiller | Sweden | 59mins

Thomas Graal is a screenwriter who is very fond of his secretary Bessie. Overtaken by a kiss with Thomas she runs away and, in his misfortune, Thomas writes a screenplay inspired by her – but she has not been completely honest with him.

One of Sweden’s greatest filmmakers (Stiller) directs another, Victor Sjöström, in the role of Thomas. The incomparable Karin Molander plays the unflappable Bessie.

Introduced by film historian David Robinson, with live piano accompaniment by John Sweeney.

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Thurs 19th Jan 2017

The People's Poet: A Celebration of the Stickiest Bogeys of Rik Mayall

Watershed | 7.30pm | Tickets: £9.00/£6.50

The loss of Rik Mayall in 2014 came as frying pan blow to the world of comedy. A true one-off and comedy eccentric, the life of this fabulously anarchic comedian is celebrated in this special tribute looking back over a bombastic 35-year career.

Robin Ince presents a series of clips of Rik Mayall – some so rare they can’t even be found on Youtube! – from his early appearance with Ade Edmondson, ranging from The Oxford Roadshow and Boom Boom Out Go The Lights to other magnificent outrages. He will be joined by Michael Legge to celebrate the anarchy, intensity and blazing stupidity of RIK.

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